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About Us

As riders ourselves, we know the joy of the open road, as well as the need to remain safe.

While enjoying a ride in a foreign country that does not have helmet laws a few years ago, we were amazed and intrigued by all of the 'make-shift' helmets that people came up with to protect their noggins! And it got us to thinking...

Why not begin developing unique helmets of our own that are not currently on the market? Make them safe. Make them different. Make them fun. And definitely make them memorable!

While we began playing around with various ideas, we also kept falling back onto the old, nostalgia look. The riders of the early days were some serious riders who were clearly aware of the need to protect their delicate melons! But could obviously only wear what was available at the time.

Thus, Stryker helmets was born! We decided to embark on developing new, unique helmets, while also providing the alternative vintage look of helmet and goggle combinations. (And of course, for the traditional riders, we also felt it necessary to carry some traditional looking helmets.)

Our on-going goal is to continuously bridge the gap between the old and the new. The vintage and the contemporary. The Nostalgic and the Futuristic. The fun with individuality and innovation!.......The list goes on. Bottom line….. riding is meant to be fun and individualistic!

All of our helmets are made with safety in mind and therefore conform to DOT standards.

We are always working on new designs and looking at new ways to present the 'old'. While we are always working on new designs……we also welcome any suggestions. We can't make any promises about development, but we promise we will take all suggestions seriously.

Due to Design, testing, molding and production costs, it sometimes takes years before a helmet is ready for the market. But, we promise to always keep trying to remain innovative so that you, the rider, can always enjoy a new experience!

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy all of our products as much as we do!

Stryker Helmets

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