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We at Stryker Helmets firmly believe in the need, and of the opportunity to'give back'.

It does not matter what obstacles each of face in life, there is always someone, somewhere, facing greater obstacles.

In our humble opinions…who faces greater obstacles than children? They are born into this world, and through no fault of their own, are completely dependent upon adults who's job it is to prepare these children for their lives ahead. How the child is raised, the beliefs instilled in the child, and the love shown to the child during their formative years, strongly defines their attitudes, and thus, their futures in life.

Individually we cannot save the world, but individually we can make a small, but positive impact. And together, we can make great things happen!

With this in mind, Stryker helmets has set up a fund to help two Charities in California that provide food, shelter, comfort and love to children of abused and abandoned homes.

For each item purchased through the Stryker Helmet Web Site, $1 will be donated to the homes listed herein. The 'account' will grow throughout the year, and then be divided equally between the two charities listed at the end of each year.

It is our hopes that, not only will consumers benefit from the various products that we provide, but will also help us to provide badly needed funds to these two needy children's organizations.

The links to these two Charities are below. And of course, if anyone is so inclined, personal donations can be also be made directly to these organizations. They are:

We hope that you truly enjoy your new Stryker product, and also feel some comfort in knowing that you are contributing to a very worthy cause. On behalf of these two organizations, we offer a sincere and hearty THANK YOU!